Wear-Layer in mm Wear-layer in mil Typical Commercial Warranty
0.1 mm 4 mil None, or 3-year "light" use
0.3 mm 12 mil 5 year "light" use
0.5 mm 20 mil 10 year
0.7 mm 28 mil 15 year
1.0 mm 40 mil 20+ year

A mil is not a millimeter.

This is often misunderstood.

20 mil Wear Layer is almost twice as thick as 12 mil.

Only one spec really matters: The wear-layer. Once the wear-layer wears through, the pattern will damage, and the floor will need to be replaced.

Ember Oak

Luxury Vinyl Plank Ember Oak

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LVP Ember Oak
Product Code: #EO6X27M
Size: 6" x 36"
Overall Thickness: 3.0mm
Wear Layer Thickness: 27mil
Wear Layer Material: Vinyl / WearGUARD
WearGuard: Aluminum Oxide Wear Layer
Construction Material: Laminated Vinyl
Installation: Glue Down
Pieces Per Carton: 36
SF Per Carton: 36
Carton Weight: 27 lbs